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For on-boarding any society please contact us. After verification, our admin will on-board society on our application. We will create society admin and provide him with rights to on-board members.

Society admin has the rights to add all of the above details. After login, he can see tabs for adding respective details.

When the member is added in the system with login permission granted by the admin, an email/message is sent to the member with system generated password. Your email id is your login id. For password ,use the shared password in the message. One first login, System automatically asks for change of password, which user needs to remember.

Try to login through your email id/User id.
Click Forgot password.
After verification, new password will sent to your registered emailId/Mobile number.

SocietyOnWeb is a highly secured System. The data is stored in an encrypted format into the Database. Also the software offers full rights to the society admin to define the User specific rights, hence guaranteeing access control. No Data Loss. Real Time Data Backup within the network.

A big Yes. Our software will certainly help in reducing the Operational cost of your. Our software offers effective management of records, hence going away from stationery and various costs associated with it. Maintains records online with all verification proof of staff/tenants, which helps validation easier and on the go.